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Republic of Tecolote

The Republic of Tecolote is an independent island nation on the planet of Entente (Beta Comae Berenices IV).

It is located in the Apollonian Ocean 1,900 kilometers west-southwest of the New Albion colony (United Kingdom), 2,200 kilometers east of the Huashan colony (China), and 900 kilometers south of the Republic of Ardoyne (independent).

The island was initially granted to the Philippines for colonization under the name San José in 2110, but financial troubles on Earth forced its sale in 2117 to Mexico, which renamed it Tecolote. Residents of the island, unhappy with management from Earth, revolted in 2129 and established an independent republic that went unrecognized by most powers save Japan. Eighteen months later, filibuster Lawson S. Conrad and a force of 800 adventurers, mostly from Commonwealth, landed on a chartered cruise liner and conquered the island in 72 hours. Conrad and his coterie have ruled the island since.

As of 2140, the state has a population of 205,000, about 60 percent of which is urban. The capital city retains the name San José. Other large settlements are Ciudad Bonifacio and Puerto San Carlos.

President Conrad has allowed significant foreign investment, except from China, for which he seems to bear a personal antipathy. He has twice seized assets of companies accused of "unfair" dealings with Tecolote’s authorities. In both cases, the home country for the company was undergoing significant unrest at the time, leaving the firm's assets vulnerable. It was through such means that the state gained 60 percent ownership of the deep-water port facilities in San José, a significant economic driver in the country.

The political system is based on the Russian model, in which opposition parties and a free press are technically legal but in reality face severe curtailments of their operations.

Chief exports are industrial organics, cobalt and nickel ore and citrus fruits. The island also has assembly facilities for kit watercraft transported from Earth. Tecolote has also occasionally accepted payments from Earth nations to accept forced emigrants.

The state has an active insurgency, based in the highlands on the island northern peninsula, which advocates a new constitution and free elections. Conrad's regime has frequently employed violent means to repress the rebels and sow fear in a populace that is sympathetic to the insurgents' demands.

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