Where to purchase Human Reach books

Some of these links will allow you to purchase books outside of the United States. In other cases, you should visit the country-specific store below. Smashwords, in paticular, distributes e-books worldwide in a variety of formats.

Also, most e-book formats do not require you purchase a specific reader device to enjoy the book! Instead you may obtain free e-reader software for use on any computer or handheld. Human Reach books are DRM-free.

Note: To comply with Amazon requirements for promotions, select Human Reach books will sometimes not be available in other electronic formats, such as epub. To read Human Reach ebooks during that time, you can get free Kindle reader apps for almost any hardware here.

If you are interested in a signed paperback edition of any Human Reach book, send an e-mail here.

U.S.-based retailers
(May work with other countries)
TSTS cover
ebook $2.99
paperback $14.99
TDOS cover
ebook $4.99
paperback $14.99

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