Critical reviews

It's all great, good fun ..."

- Don Sakers, Analog Science Fiction and Fact, May 2012

"... a fine and fast-paced read, very much recommended."

- Paul T. Vogel, The Midwest Book Review, January 2012

"... I enjoyed reading this book and would recommend it."

- James Nicoll, Hugo-nominated writer, blogger and reviewer, January 2013

" ... very enjoyable work, earning a place in the upper reaches of contemporary military SF ..."

- Eric Raymond, Armed and Dangerous, June 2014

"Through Struggle, the Stars is a very well done military sci fi story ..."

- Kevin Glowacz, Sift Book Reviews, July 2012

"I loved this book! Lumpkin goes to extraordinary lengths to make his space battles as realistic as possible."

- Chris Gerrib, POD People, January 2013

Reader reviews

"If war does break out after humanity has traveled into space ... it would probably be something alone the lines of Through Struggle, the Stars."

- M. Barry, on Amazon

"This is very entertaining science fiction for an educated audience."

- Jeff Peachman, on Amazon

"Take an Honor Harrington novel, subtract all the unrealistic physics and hyper-competent good guys, add in some shades of moral ambiguity and some Tom Clancy from his Hunt for Red October/Red Storm Rising days and you probably have a good idea of what this book is about."

- William McHale,

"The plot is gripping, and the characters and situations are scarily believable. The story is set in the future, when mankind has colonized several star systems but has not yet left old national rivalries behind. We follow a young American military intelligence officer as China and Japan start humanity's first shooting war in space. The style is reminiscent of Tom Clancy or the Hornblower novels, but in space and with a lot of effort (very successful effort, I might add) to get the science and technology right."

- Luke Campbell, on Facebook

"John Lumpkin has written a truly splendid science fiction military thriller here. It has the thought provoking depth of a Robert Heinlein book and the well researched feel of a Tom Clancy novel (with a spy plot to boot). The story is believable, high paced, and high tension. Thoroughly enjoyable! Hard to believe this is only his first novel. Definitely looking forward to the sequel."

- Brian Mansur, iTunes

"I am a fan of young ensigns new to the ship (think Hornblower), great behemoths battling it out in the far reaches of the galaxy, real politique, and future tech. All of which makes first-time novelist John Lumpkin's "Through Struggle, the Stars: A Novel of the Human Reach" a special treat for any reader sharing my tastes.

"Lumpkin knows how to keep a story moving. I've not seen any of the awkwardness that often marks a first effort. But what really stands out is his handling of technology and politics. Each has a recognizable ancestry in our present, and Lumpkin has done a brilliant job of extrapolating future technological and political developments."

- Timothy K. Bovee, on Amazon

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