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NSS Interstellar Factbook
The United States National Security Service publishes this unclassified annual report and accompanying gazetteer that profiles various solar and extrasolar phenomena, with a focus on those that host activities by various political and commercial entities.
Richmond's Starships of the Human Reach
Richmond's Information Services provides a variety of critical security- and commerce-oriented information products for its elite clientele. Richmond's Starships contains detailed data on various spacecraft operated by governments, corporations and private individuals.
Intelligence Files: Selected Dossiers (Not Yet Available)
These classified profiles contain what biographical detail has been collected on a variety of civilians and military personnel in the Human Reach.
Robinson Center for the Study of the Space Century (Not Yet Available)
The Robinson Center has been chartered by the U.S. departments of Defense, State and Colonial Affairs to cataloge key events since the Rock, with particular focus on recent interstellar conflicts.
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