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Lexington-class Destroyer
CountriesUnited States Lexington-class DS
Length180 meters
BeamPrimary hull: 24 meters
Drive: 40 meters
Krasnikov-Hirasaki Event-capable
Loaded Mass8,250 metric tons
Personnel147 (19 officers, 101 crew, 13 Marines, 14-person flight detachment)
Drive1.28-terawatt Honeywell Nittany Lion Mark IV
FuelAntimatter-initiated fusion of helium-3 and deuterium
Cruise Thrust10.5 milligees
Cruise Range602 kps
0.25 AU flip time13 days, 16 hours
Top Thrust2.6 gees
Missiles2x50-cell launchers
Guns2x2x18 kg, 7.2 kps primary gun battery
4x2x2 kg, 2 kps secondary gun battery
Laser Engines1.2 gigawatts at 1080 nm
Laser Mounts2x380cm "Hornet" forward tricolor cannon
8x120cm "Linebacker" tricolor counterbattery turrets
20x60cm "Barricade" point-defense turrets
ConstructionLatham Spaceworks 2122-present
NotesCarries Multi-Mission Pod, can accomodate 2 Sabre-type dropships
Ships in class
(partial listing)
73 Easting
Belleau Wood
Cayo Muerto
Kuwait City
San Jacinto (DS-99)
Valley Forge
Ships in this class are named for famous American battles. These versatile ships trade some combat capability for the ability to conduct independent operations on habitable extrasolar planets. The Multi-Mission pod has been used to carry a SigInt package, experimental systems, VIPs, or a platoon of Marines, spaceborne, or special operating forces.

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