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Tokoro-class Heavy Cruiser
Length219 meters
BeamPrimary hull: 25 meters
Drive: 40 meters
Krasnikov-Hirasaki Event-capable
Loaded Mass14,067 metric tons
Personnel152 (20 officers, 100 crew, 12 Marines, 20-person flight detachment)
Drive1.35-terawatt Nakajima Kakuyu Go 25
FuelAntimatter-initiated fusion of helium-3 and deuterium
Cruise Thrust6.53 milligees
Cruise Range513 kps
0.25 AU flip time17 days, 8 hours
Top Thrust1.6 gees
Guns2x3x50 kg, 4.5 kps primary gun battery
Laser Engines2.0 gigawatts at 1020 nm
Laser Mounts4x420 cm forward tricolor cannon
12x150cm tricolor counterbattery turrets
24x50cm infrared point-defense turrets
Ships in class
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Named for great rivers of Japan, these Japanese Space Self-Defense Force heavy cruisers are designed to conduct independent operations outside of the Solar System. They have significant planetary bombardment capabilities and carry two dropships.

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