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Lalande 21185

Lalande 21185 (Gliese 411) - Singular red dwarf (M2V) in the Ursa Major constellation located 8.3 light-years from Sol. The system is under U.S. authority, with free passage guaranteed for British and Australian ships. Lalande 21185 nearby star map

One of the nearest Solar Systems to Earth, Lalande 21185 is a key waypoint for the American colonization arm. The first solely American wormhole is located in the system, leading to Wolf 359. (Nine-light-year Valkyries were developed and launched while this wormhole was in transit; the direct link to Sol opened in 2088.)

The system has five planets of note. A large military and civilian shipyard orbits Vindonnus with the wormhole back to Sol, and Andraste hosts major Helium-3 and deuterium mining operations.

#NameClassificationOrbit (AUs)Earth


KH Events

Wolf 359United States2082Vindonnus L-5
SolUnited States2088Vindonnus
Groombridge 1618United States2090Vindonnus L-4

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