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Wolf 498

Wolf 498 (Gliese 526, Lalande 25372) - Singular red dwarf (M1.5V) in Boötes, 17.7 light-years from Earth. It has a mass of .44 Solar and is a UV Ceti flare star. Wolf 498 star map

The system is administered by the United Nations Space Agency and is a transit star between Sol and the International Ring. Commercial interests have pressed the U.N. to move the wormholes to orbits closer to the sun to reduce the two-week-plus transit time through the system, but authorities have balked at the move, saying the risk from flare damage to ships would increase to dangerous levels.

Wolf 498 was also a launching point for the exploration of the Xi Boötis A, a nearby G8V star that, despite positive long-range surveys, did not contain a planet suitable for human life.

Planets and satellites
#NameClassificationOrbit (AUs)Earth

IVViracochaAthenian Xeric.13.03
Asteroid Belt1.92
VIIIApocatequilApollonian Xeric7.55
Asteroid Belt18.5

KH Events

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Xi BoötisUnited Nations2099Chasca
DG Canum VenaticorumUnited Nations2102Chasca Trailing Trojan

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