The Desert of Stars Dramatis Personae

In Wolf 359

USS Apache, U.S. Space Force
Commander Roman Hernandez, Commanding Officer
Lieutenant Commander Nathan Howell, Executive Officer
Lieutenant Lorna Carruth, Operations Officer
Lieutenant David Ortega, Weapons Officer
Lieutenant (j.g.) Neil Mercer, Intelligence Officer
Lieutenant (j.g.) Jessica Barrett, Directed Energy Officer
Ensign Eve Cohen, Propulsion Officer
Intelligence Specialist 3rd Class Coral Nuñez, Sensor Tech
Astronaut Haley Jorgensen, Sensor Tech
Astronaut Dacey Allenby, Sensor Tech
Astronaut Pete Wilkins, Sensor Tech

HMS Ajax, Royal Navy
Commodore Duncan Metcalf, commander, Convoy 323
Lieutenant Brent Kerr, Intelligence Officer

CFSS Edmonton, Canadian Space Force
Captain Etta Heron, Commanding Officer
Lieutenant (j.g.) Jeannette LaVoie, Intelligence Officer

JDF Kiyokaze, Japanese Space Self-Defense Force
Commander Genda Hotaru, Commanding Officer
Lieutenant Endo Daisuke, Intelligence Officer

CSS Gan Ying, Chinese Space Navy
Captain Qin Bao, Commanding Officer

CSS Tianlong, Chinese Space Navy
Vice Admiral Liyang Guan, Fleet Commander

On Entente

Republic of Tecolote
President Lawson Conrad
Major General Katherine Naima, Secretary of the Interior
General Antonio Vargas, Chairman of General Staff
Colonel Samir Lorenzo Garcia y Abdulaziz, Battalion Commander, District 7
Captain Park Kang-Dae, President Conrad's bodyguard

U.S. Consulate, Tecolote
Paul Layton, Chargé d'Affaires
Andy Bonaventura, Consular Affairs
Martina Bandi, Foreign Service Officer
Lindsay Trujillo, Foreign Service Officer
Irene Gomez, Station Chief, National Security Service

Others in Tecolote
Akita Tadeshi, a Japanese operative
Misaki, his aide
Xavier "Tippy" Griego, a catering company owner
Das, a forced immigrant
Kao Xun and Kao Tai, siblings
Colonel Tan Pierce, a rebel
Joshua Moro Rodriguez, his husband

Others on or around Entente
Commander Marc Raleigh, U.S. Space Force Intelligence, Entente station
Gunnery Sergeant Ruth Harkins, U.S. Marine Corps, 2nd Marine Orbital Assault Battalion

On, around or near Kuan Yin

Rand's guerillas
2nd Lieutenant Rand Castillo, formerly Leader, 3rd Platoon, Bravo Battery, Fires Battalion, 34th Brigade
Sergeant Hal Aguirre, formerly Commander, C Gun, 3rd Platoon
Private Rachel Lopez, formerly of the Targeting Section, 3rd Platoon
Violet Kelley, National Security Service special operations officer

Combat Supply Cache Falcon, Sequoia, Kuan Yin
Colonel Regina Foster, formerly J-3, Joint Task Force Sequoia
Lieutenant Commander Kyle DiMarco, formerly XO of the submarine Bowfin
Major Isabella Cruz, a quartermaster, formerly deputy G-4 for the 129th Brigade
Captain Catherine Gant, Reconnaissance Forward Support Company Commander, Brigade Support Battalion, 129th Brigade
Staff Sergeant Tim Ruiz, a Green Beret attached to the 129th Brigade
Sergeant Alicia Patterson, formerly an intelligence specialist with the 107th Brigade
Sergeant Porfirio “Moldy” Maldonado, a heavy weapons specialist
Petty Officer 3rd Class Trey “Ski” Kowalski, an engineer formerly of the submarine Bowfin
Corporal Carlos “Cacho” Gonzalez, a Marine
Corporal Grey Briggs, a spotter from the 129th Brigade
Private First Class Catalina "Goot" Gutierrez, an antiarmor specialist from the 129th Brigade
Private First Class Mikhail "Mook" Turnage, a grenadier from the 107th Brigade
Private First Class Benny Ramos, a systems tech from the 129th Brigade
Private Jimmy Pasker, a communications tech from the 34th Brigade

Major General Xie Quanyou, commander of People's Liberation Army forces on occupied Sequoia
Major Shen Liang, staff intelligence officer
Major Wong Pingfeng, commander of the military police forces at the Sycamore civilian internment camp
Territorial Governor Solomon Rivera, a prisoner
Major General Hyram Chalk, U.S. Army National Guard, a prisoner
Captain Laure De Caxias, U.S. Space Force, formerly commander of USS Curtis LeMay
Moira Tobin, a civilian prisoner
Michael Bannerjee, a young civilian prisoner

CSS Weisheng, Chinese Space Navy
Rear Admiral Kong Ruchang, fleet commander

USS Valley Forge, U.S. Space Force
Captain Grace Mallett, Commanding Officer
Lieutenant (j.g.) Erin Quintana, Kinetics Warfare Officer
Brigadier General Rev Grogan, United States Army Special Forces
1st Lieutenant Gabriela Silva, United States Army Special Forces

On and around Earth

United States
Senator Darren Gregory of New Jersey
Trip Bell, Gregory's chief of staff
James Donovan, Senior Operations Officer, U.S. National Security Service
Gardiner Fairchild, Senior Operations Officer, U.S. National Security Service
Sonya Chang-Hilliard, Assistant Deputy Director for Operations, U.S. National Security Service
Finn Kintsel, Operations Officer, U.S. National Security Service
Blink Riley, Science and Technology Officer, U.S. National Security Service
Major General Henry McCormack, U.S. Marine Corps
Captain Deke Blackburn, U.S. Naval Intelligence

Lieutenant General Tyag Bahadar Singh, Indian Army
Wing Commander Venkata Kurian Ramesh, Indian Space Force

Vice Admiral Fyodor Ivanovich Volodin, Russian Space Defense Forces
Counteradmiral Sergei Pavelovich Komarov, Russian Space Defense Forces
Major General Zoya Lapidus, Russian Ground Forces

Shi Xiulian, an astronomer in Shanghai

Combined Joint Task Force 21
Vice Admiral Lesley Cooper, U.S. Space Force
Lieutenant General Velasco Suarez, U.S. Army
Lieutenant Colonel Cyril Hellastrae, 75th Ranger Regiment (Spaceborne), U.S. Army
Major Amanda Clark, Executive Officer, 2nd Marine Orbital Assault Battalion
Lieutenant Malcolm Costa, Platoon Leader, SEAL Team 12, U.S. Navy
Lieutenant (j.g.) Leon Jackson, Deputy Engineering Officer, USS Ramage
2nd Lieutenant Vanessa Salter, Jumper Pilot, 2nd Marine Orbital Assault Battalion

Vice Admiral Pan Gaoli, CSS Xinglong, Sirius
Rear Admiral Donal Vega, USS Spruance, Giclas 111-47
Flight Lieutenant Kieran Wu, Intelligence Officer, RAS Republic, Republic of Australia Aerospace Force
Li Xiao, Operative, Second Bureau

Certain Chiefs of State and other senior officials
Alexander Victor Delgado, President of the United States of America
Loren Dale, Vice President of the United States of America
Anton Maslov, President of Russia
Ichiro Katsura, Prime Minister of Japan
Kommareddy Varalakshmi, Prime Minister of India
Yu Qi, Foreign Minister of China
Peter Ainsley, Colonial Minister of Australia
Claude Delvaux, Colonization Minister of Europa
Adnan Kilani, President of the Islamic Federation
Andrea Montalvo, President of Ecuador

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