Through Struggle, the Stars Dramatis Personae

The USS San Jacinto, United States Space Force

Commander Janet Thorne, Commanding Officer
Lieutenant Commander Carla Mendoza, Executive Officer
Lieutenant Commander Merrill Davis, Operations Officer
Lieutenant Commander Rogelio Carranza, Engineering Officer
Lieutenant Sam Lang, Combat Systems Officer
Lieutenant Frank Stahl, Intelligence Officer
Lieutenant Ellen Vracek, Damage Control Officer
Lieutenant Tanya Jordan, Ship Systems Officer
Lieutenant Kevan "Doc" Avery, Medical Officer
Lieutenant, j.g., Ray Martinez, Fire Control Officer
Lieutenant, j.g., Matthew Allison, Kinetics Warfare Officer
Lieutenant, j.g., Antonio de Cardenas, Supply Officer
Lieutenant, j.g., Anne Fitzgerald, Administrative Officer
Lieutenant, j.g., Miguel Luther, Propulsion Officer
Lieutenant, j.g., Daphne Vikram, Communications Officer
Ensign Nestor Garcia, Directed Energy Officer
Ensign Michael Hayes, Astrogator
Ensign Neil Mercer, Assistant Intelligence Officer
Ensign Tom Mondragon, CIC Officer
Ensign Erin Quintana, Ordnance Officer
Command Master Chief Petty Officer Bill Collins
Chief Intelligence Specialist Raymond Drake, Intelligence Leading Petty Officer
Chief Operations Tech Pablo Palowski, CIC Leading Petty Officer
Gunner's Mate 1st Class Ty Archuleta
Machinist's Mate 2nd Class Ted Polisar
Intelligence Specialist 2nd Class Robert Copeland
Fusion Tech 3rd Class Miguel Landers
Systems Tech 3rd Class Cassandra Walker
Senior Astronaut Jaime Valdes, Stores Tech
Astronaut 1st Class Willy Freeman, Damage Control Tech
Astronaut 1st Class Kim Garza, Intelligence Tech
Astronaut Andrea Rodriguez, Communications Tech
Astronaut Sarah Blankenship, Propulsion Tech
Astronaut Apprentice Lindsey Baker, Electronics Tech
2nd Lieutenant Maria Sanchez, Commander, U.S. Marine Detachment
Staff Sergeant Ruth Harkins, Ranking Sergeant
Lance Corporal Guillermo Morales, Grenadier
Private 1st Class Sally Fabini, Designated Marksman
Private 1st Class Jorge Apodaca, Spotter
Private 1st Class Nadia Thompson, Rifleman
Lieutenant Alex "Buck" Rodgers, Commander, Sabre Detachment
Lieutenant, j.g. David "Red" Ellis, Flight Officer
Ensign Mireya Barbaro, Flight Officer
Ensign Mary Blaney, Flight Officer
Ensign Nicole Brandt, Flight Officer
Flight Specialist 1st Class Ricardo Gomez, Crew Chief
Flight Specialist 2nd Class Sergeant Felix Deekins, Crew Chief

Others, United States Space Force
Vice Admiral Carmen Miraflores, Commander, 1st Fleet
Rear Admiral Lyle Bannon, Commander, Combined Joint Task Force 17
Rear Admiral Jason Akers, Commander, Task Force 81
Rear Admiral Antonio Larkin, chief, Reserve Officers' Training Corps, Western Region
Commander Marc Raleigh, Fleet Intelligence Officer, Combined Joint Task Force 17
Commander Rod Tomlin, Fleet Intelligence Officer, Task Force 81

United States National Security Service
James Donovan, Senior Operations Officer
Rafe Sato, Technical Operations Officer
Isaac Sato, Senior Researcher
Gardiner Fairchild, Senior Operations Officer
Violet Kelley, Special Operations Officer, Kuan Yin

Royal Navy
Captain John Courtenay, Commanding Officer, HMS Swiftsure

Republic of Australia Aerospace Force
Wing Commander Merrick Boyd, Commanding Officer, RAS Fremantle
Flight Officer Kieran Wu, Intelligence Officer, RAS Fremantle
Flight Officer Dane Kirby, Ordnance Officer, RAS Fremantle

Japanese Space Self-Defense Force
Rear Admiral Tanaka Heihachiro
Captain Hara Natsuko, Commanding Officer, JDF Mogami
Commander Genda Hotaru, Commanding Officer, JDF Kiyokaze

People's Republic of China
Cai Jinming, Senior Operations Officer, Second Bureau, Ministry of State Security
Li Xiao, Operations Officer, Second Bureau
Corporal Khenbish, People's Liberation Army Star Naval Infantry
Major Shen Liang, Brigade Intelligence Officer, People's Liberation Army
Private Cao Wen, Military Policeman, People's Liberation Army

Taiwan Liberation Congress
Sun Haisheng, speaker
Huang Jin

Joint Task Force Sequoia
Major General Don LeDoux, Commander, 9th Infantry Division
Colonel Brenda Sykes, Commander, 34th Brigade, 9th Infantry Division
Major Eddie Montaño, Commander, Fires Battalion, 34th Brigade
Captain Sandra Groves, Commander, Bravo Battery, Fires Battalion
2nd Lieutenant Randolfo Castillo, Leader, 3rd Platoon, Bravo Battery
Staff Sergeant Brad Tyson, Targeting Center NCO, 3rd Platoon
Sergeant Hal Aguirre, Commander, C Gun, 3rd Platoon
Specialist Paul Smith, Assistant Commander, B Gun, 3rd Platoon
Specialist Harve Ekkers, Maintenance Tech, B Gun, 3rd Platoon
Private First Class Tim Yancey, Targeting Section, 3rd Platoon
Private Rachel Lopez, Targeting Section, 3rd Platoon
Private Peter McKay, Sensor Tech, C Gun, 3rd Platoon
Corporal Nick Pravitz, Military Policeman, 34th Brigade
Private First Class Elian Ramirez, Military Policeman, 34th Brigade

Cade Singer, senior, University of Colorado-Boulder
Carlos Encinias, junior, University of Colorado-Boulder
Colonel Juan Alvarez, chief, ROTC, University of Colorado-Boulder
Colonel Jack Houston, U.S. Aerospace Force, retired
Deputy Rebecca Torren, Cottonwood County Sheriff's Department, Cottonwood, Sequoia, Kuan Yin

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