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U.S. Departments of Defense and Colonial Affairs Hull Classification Codes
Letter 1: Hull
RCorvette<4 Ktons
FFrigate4-7 Ktons
DDestroyer7-10 Ktons
CCruiser10-15 Ktons
BBattleship15-20 Ktons
?(Reserved)> 20 Ktons
Auxiliary (A) hulls are not intended for combat. They typically perform transport and logistics missions.
Carrier (L) hulls are combat transports that carry personnel and weapons in support of orbit-to-surface assaults.
Corvette (R) hulls serve as fast couriers, escorts and orbital bombers.
Frigate (F) hulls serve as fleet and convoy escorts and as wolfpack-type raiders.
Destroyer (D) hulls serve as independent patrol vessels, convoy raiders, squadron leaders and fleet combantants.
Cruiser (C) hulls serve as primary fleet combatants and independent patrol vessels.
Battleship (B) hulls serve as flagships and orbital bombardment platforms. "Light battleships" are called battlecruisers.
Letters 2+: Role(s)
AAmmunition Supply
BLong-Range Beam Specialist
CCommand Vessel
DFleet Defender
EExtended Endurance Craft
FFleet Replenishment
GWormhole Assault Specialist
ISatellite layer
JFleet Life Supply
KKeel-Mount Coilgun
MMonitor (Not KH-Event Capable)
OPropellant Tanker
PPersonnel Ship (Non-Tactical Transport)
QWormhole Engineering
RRepair Tender
SSabre / SSTO carrier
VAtmospheric Drone Carrier
WSearch and Rescue
XAssault (Drop pods)
YOrbital Construction
ZColony Supply
Sample formations:
DS: Destroyer, SSTO Dropship Carrier
CKH: Heavy Cruiser, Keel Mount
BBL: Battlecruiser, Beam Specialist
LV: Assault Carrier, Drone
LXL: Light Assault Carrier, Drop Pod
AO: Propellant Tanker

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