Atomic Rockets, a truly incomparable hard science fiction site by Winchell Chung, who also drew much of the art on this site. Atomic Rockets looks at how space flight works, and how space warfare may work. Abandon your cloaking devices, ye who enter here.

Star Maps, a related effort by Mr. Chung, which looks at how to build stellar empires using real stars.

Ad Astra Games, publisher of Attack Vector: Tactical, the most realistic starship combat wargame ever devised.

SFConSim-l, a Yahoo group devoted to realistic science fiction., the website of Christopher Weuve -- naval analyst, history fanatic, wargame designer, Macintosh zealot, book evangelist, and science fiction geek.

The Lensman's Children, a blog by F.P. Kiesche III, who suggested I set up this site.

How to Build a Laser Death Ray, the science of weaponized lasers by Luke Campbell

The Rocketpunk Manifesto, a blog by Rick Robinson

Jollyreaper's Idea Pit, a blog by Gregory Muir's Terrorism Profiles Project, which I created.

Global Greengrants: Dedicated to a just and sustainable world. Where my wife works.


The Veil War, the great American goblin invasion novel, where the Lord of the Rings meets Tom Clancy, in serial form

Rare Earth, Why Complex Life is Uncommon in the Universe, by Peter Ward and Donald Brownlee.

The Tales of Continuing Time, a fantastic, underrated science fiction series by Daniel Keys Moran comprising Emerald Eyes, The Long Run, The Last Dancer, and The A.I. War. I appropriated the term "handheld" for small personal computers in my setting in tribute to these books.

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