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Entente (Beta Comae Berenices IV)

Entente is classified as a Terran Hestian Pontic world, with oceans, several continents and large islands. It orbits 1.282 AU from its star and has a 494-Earth-day year (or 418 local days). The planet is somewhat smaller and warmer than Earth. Its mass is .92 Earth; its density is .89 Earth, giving Entente .89 Earth surface gravity. It has a 28.3-hour day. The planet has almost no tilt and thus little variation in local temperatures. The mean surface temperature is 19 degrees Celsius, and its equatorial region is too hot for consistent human habitation. Entente has no natural satellites.

Friendly to Earth life, the planet was opened for colonization under the auspices of the United Nations in 2107. Earth states and private organizations were allowed to make bids to colonize regions; as a result, some 26 nations controlled territory on the planet in 2139, including a number of independent states. Current planetary population is estimated at 3.7 million, and it is a frequent destination of colony ships.

Colonies of Earth nations include Huashan (China), New Albion (United Kingdom), Laurentia (Canada) and New Sydney (Australia).

Independent states include Graypen, Nuevo Santiago, Tecolote and Ardoyne.

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